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The most recent information regarding National Highway Authority NHA Jobs 2022 – is accessible to our visitors via this link. On this page, we list all of the career opportunities that the National Highway Authority NHA, Ministry of Communication, Government of Pakistan, has announced.

An Act of Parliament established the National Highways Authority (NHA) in 1991 to plan, develop, operate, repair, and maintain strategic roads and national highways owned by the federal or provincial governments.

NHA is the caretaker of the thruway resources of Pakistan’s street organization. It is determined to offer a nationwide transportation system that is safe, up-to-date, and effective. National Highway Authority NHA Jobs 2023 | Online Apply.

These specifics should be reviewed by qualified and interested individuals looking for career opportunities with the National Highway Authority. Additionally, the Career Section of the NHA website can be found at

Candidates who are looking for NHA Engineer Jobs, NHA Jobs 2023 Online Apply, NHA Jobs 2023 Advertisement, or Jobs must open this page to see all of the open positions.

For the current position in its Recruitment Section, the National Highway Authority is seeking highly dynamic, qualified, self-motivated, and result-oriented professionals.

Positions are opening for Appointee Chiefs (Architects) (BS-18), Agent Chiefs (LM and IS) (BS-18), Right hand Chiefs (LM and IS) (BS-17), Qanoongo (BS-09), and Patwari (BS-05).
These work open doors are opening in different ventures of the Public Roadway Authority. If they meet the requirements for eligibility, candidates from all over the country are eligible to apply for these opportunities.

The NHA Recruitment Section currently has more than 96 open positions. All positions require applicants to meet the specified qualifications, which include a Matriculation with Patwar Course, LLB, BSc Civil, MSc Civil, LLM, and Ph.D. Civil Qualifications.

Before submitting an application, experienced individuals who wish to serve the National Highway Authority must read the advertisement’s eligibility requirements for each position. National Highway Authority Jobs 2023 Advertisement.

The aforementioned positions will be filled in accordance with the Finance Division of the Pakistani government’s approval of other terms and conditions, including the Standard Pay Package for Project Staff. Unwinding in the upper age cutoff will be allowable according to Central Government Rules.

The project employees will be hired on a contract for a maximum of two years, which will be extended annually until the project is finished after their performance has been evaluated.

Jobs Detail:

Posted on:6th May 2023
Education:Matric, Bachelor, Master, Ph.D, Relevant Diploma, LLB, LLM
Last Date:May 20, 2023
Company:National Highway Authority – NHA
Address:Director of Recruitment, National Highway Authority, 27 Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad

Jobs Position:

  • Assistant Directors (LM & IS) (BS-17)
  • Deputy Directors (Engineers) (BS-18)
  • Deputy Directors (LM & IS) (BS-18)
  • Patwari (BS-05)
  • Qanoongo (BS-09)

How to Apply Jobs?

  • Desired professionals should open the NHA Official website (
  • Applications must be submitted to the Director of Recruitment, National Highway Authority, 27 Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad.

National Highway Authority Jobs 2023 Advertisement

National Highway Authority NHA Jobs 2023 | Online Apply
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Some Information About National Highway Authority NHA


The National Highway Authority (NHA) is a government body responsible for the development and maintenance of Pakistan’s national highway network. Established in 1991, it has played a significant role in improving the country’s transportation infrastructure. This article aims to explore the history and functions of NHA, as well as its impact on Pakistan’s economy.

History of NHA:

Before the establishment of NHA, Pakistan’s road network was managed by the Provincial Highway Departments. However, this approach led to a lack of coordination and standardization in road development. In response, the government established NHA in 1991 as an autonomous body. Since then, it has been responsible for planning, designing, and maintaining the national highway network in Pakistan.

Functions of NHA:

The primary functions of NHA include the construction and maintenance of national highways, as well as the development of new road projects. It also oversees the operation and maintenance of existing highways, including the implementation of safety measures and traffic management. In addition, NHA is responsible for managing toll plazas and collecting tolls from users.

Impact of NHA on Pakistan’s economy:

The development of Pakistan’s national highway network by NHA has had a significant impact on the country’s economy. The improved road infrastructure has facilitated the transportation of goods and services, which has boosted trade and commerce. Moreover, the development of highways has reduced travel time and increased connectivity between different regions of Pakistan, which has facilitated the movement of people and resources. This, in turn, has led to the growth of industries and businesses in remote areas.

Challenges faced by NHA:

Despite its successes, NHA faces several challenges that hinder its progress. One of the main challenges is the lack of funding and resources, which limits its capacity to undertake new road projects. Additionally, NHA faces challenges in the form of land acquisition and compensation issues, which delay the completion of new projects. Furthermore, there are concerns about the quality of construction and maintenance work undertaken by NHA, which has led to safety concerns among users.

Future prospects for NHA:

Despite the challenges, NHA has ambitious plans for the future. It aims to expand the national highway network and improve the existing infrastructure to meet the growing demands of the economy. To achieve this, NHA is exploring new funding models and partnerships with the private sector. It is also working to improve the quality of its construction and maintenance work and increase its capacity to undertake new projects.


The National Highway Authority has played a crucial role in developing Pakistan’s transportation infrastructure, which has had a significant impact on the country’s economy. Despite facing several challenges, NHA has ambitious plans for the future and is working to expand and improve the national highway network in Pakistan. By doing so, it aims to facilitate trade and commerce, promote economic growth, and improve the lives of the people of Pakistan.

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